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Mistress Tyler DC Dominatrix DC Mistress Mistress DC Dominatrix DC

Mistress Tyler - Dominating the Most Powerful City in the World


Endlessly fascinated by a variety of erotic expression I love creating a scene that is unique unto itself and touches the limits of your experience.


A professional Dominatrix sees many intriguing approaches to fantasy.  When you submit inside my private theater an intimacy and an exchange of energy occurs that reveals your secret personal desire.  Within the chemistry of our scene we will find a connection.


As a Dominant, the exchange of power and trust is a responsibility I take seriously.  Over the years I have developed skills in many disciplines: physical punishment, electrical play, intense bondage, medical fantasies, creative psychodrama, gender transformation, fetishistic adoration and servitude.


Now you have an invitation to enter my world and the next move is yours.

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